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Why I don’t deserve to be called a Mauritian

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Hello lovely. I love you already because you’re on our website, so thank you! My name is Veena V and I’m the founder of this site, you can read who else runs this blog here.

Mauritius is like paradise or as famous author Mark Twain said

“God created Mauritius first and then paradise was copied  after it..” (Very true!)


With this is mind, I feel that when people ask me ‘where are you from?’ I don’t really deserve to say that I come from Mauritius. This is because I see myself as British, I was born in the UK and spent all my life here. I can’t speak creole (the language of Mauritius) and I don’t really do anything that is typically Mauritian.

Hold on, so why on earth am I writing this website that is all about Mauritius!?


Setting up this blog has made me want to find out so much about what the amazing island has to offer and has made me re-live our family holidays to the paradise island. As a child I took our trips to Mauritius for granted.

But now when I go I’m going to make sure I don’t take anything for granted; the beaches, the weather, the people, my family over there and even the smells! Oh and how I forget the tasty food! Mauritian roti with a good old chicken curry is simply divine.

I’m so excited for us to discover Mauritius together, for me to share some great family stories from the island and for my Dad to tell you all about what the Real Mauritius is really like.

Let’s enjoy the ride!



Hello, I'm Veena V, an award-winning entrepreneur living in the UK and I'm a single mum to an amazing (and energetic) little boy. I'm the proud daughter of two amazing Mauritian parents and this blog is my way of reconnecting with their culture. I hope you enjoy my journey of learning everything about Mauritius including how to cook some tasty Mauritian food!




    March 10, 2020 at 2:12 pm

    Hi Veena,
    I understand why you ‘re so exhuberant and happy. You live in a real paradise in the parfumed indian ocean. Me I am on the other side, precisely on the finister of africa continent, the place where converge the alizes flux, downing in the atlantic ocean.
    You have understood and hear Dakar.
    We speak more french here, that’s why my english is not quite fair.
    I think my country have a special cooperation relationship with maurius, or otherwhise the Reunion state.
    I will verify and in any way hope to take my part of this paradise on earth.
    High lovely

    P.S. I am curious of your last name V. If if spell in french that might be victory or Vivi near romance… or Win…
    P.S.S. I am also curious of Vito’s wife name. Amina is very common in Sénégal though I am conscious it’s arab origin. Good bless the kids


    Vito Iacoviello

    May 6, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    Hi, great blog! Please keep writing!
    My name is Vito, originally from Italy, I have been living in the UK for 14 years now. I first moved here at the age of 20 and I connected in many ways with your dad’s story of when he first moved away from his homeland.
    I am now in the process of moving to Mauritius with all my family (my wife Amina and two kids Stefano and Donatella) and we have given ourselves the end of this year as a deadline.

    Any advice on the every day life in Mauritius is hugely appreciated!

    Keep up the good work


    • Veena V

      January 19, 2017 at 11:06 am

      Wow how did the move go Vito? We are launching our youtube channel in a few months and will lots of videos about everyday life in Mauritius on there. Please subscribe to get notified

      P.s how old are your children? Hope everything is going very well

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