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Dark , Desolate and Depressing – My first time in the UK


It is exactly 40 years since I left for the U.K

I departed for the airport, in Mauritius one early morning in January 1974, I was 21 years old. I bade farewell to my family and that was the last time I saw my Dad – he died in 1977, aged 60.

Looking back now that was the most painful memory of my life.

In those days we used to write and send some money home almost every month. None of this instant emailing or facebook, my Mum and Dad could only know what I was getting up to in […]

Tired, hungry & no money

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Reminiscences from 1970’s 

My first ever flying experience to the U.K was via Rome by Alitalia in 1974 as a young man ready for great adventures! However as all of you who emigrated to work and/or study in the u.k know full well the reality was all too different – it was mostly hard work in those early years !!

Fast forward to the present day and the U.K remains a great country and hundreds of thousands of people still coming here every year in search of a better life. But lets go back […]

Why I don’t deserve to be called a Mauritian

Veena V sari

Hello lovely. I love you already because you’re on our website, so thank you! My name is Veena V and I’m the founder of this site, you can read who else runs this blog here.

Mauritius is like paradise or as famous author Mark Twain said
“God created Mauritius first and then paradise was copied  after it..” (Very true!)

With this is mind, I feel that when people ask me ‘where are you from?’ I don’t really deserve to say that I come from Mauritius. This is because I see myself as British, I was born […]

VIDEO: Holidays to Mauritius (Raw footage)

Welcome to our first ever youtube video! This is some raw footage of our family holidays to Mauritius that was filmed in 2005! Every time I watch it, it makes me really miss Mauritius and I really can’t wait to go again. What are your memories of Mauritius? Or what are you looking forward to seeing if you’ve never been? Comment below – would love to know!

Family holidays to Mauritius
Holidays to Mauritius for our family are quite different to your ‘normal’ holiday to a foreign country. Because we still have a lot of family […]